A Poem to Celebrate You

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A poem to celebrate you… yep I wrote a poem. Take that fear and comfort zone!

I respect the Coaches, Dreamers, and Healers who are out serving others and making an impact in the world. It inspires me to share love, receive love, and be love.

Up against a deadline my heart guided me towards writing a poem. I felt inspired to show some love for the people who influence me. Wazzupp!

One ticket to Poemville below.

I love that you bring awareness
The story that you tell
And I love how you still love yourself
Even after you slipped and fell

I see you when I wake up
And again late at night
I see you when it’s dark outside
And when it’s shining bright

I know there are differences
Peace and love, I focus still
You serve me with your content
And I know you always will

You’re a Coach, a Dreamer, a Healer
A Leader in your prime
I’m grateful to see your influence
And call you a friend of mine

Regardless if you are a coach or not, perhaps there is some value in knowing there are people who embrace your awesomeness.

Thank you for the guidance, influence, and inspiration. Much love and respect.

High fives and knuckle hugs,


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16 thoughts on “A Poem to Celebrate You

  1. Nice! That last stanza really stands out: “You’re a Coach, a Dreamer, a Healer
    A Leader” – reminds me of all the amazing people I get to work with every day.

  2. I especially love the first stanza — it resonates so strongly, it feels like you’re speaking just to me.

    You know you inspire us just as much, right? If not, I’ll telling you so right here, right now. You’ve had my back for a long time, and I have never forgotten the first time you told me to just be myself, never mind what anyone else thought. I didn’t even know who you were then, but you came to my rescue when I was struggling with self-doubt, like a knight in shining armor — one who apparently does wield a pen instead of a sword!! Er, so to speak…. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Diane! I appreciate your awesome comments. It’s a cool reminder for me to keep being me and doing what is in my heart. I’m grateful to be in this game with you as a teammate. Much love and respect.

  4. I think this is a post I will come back again and again. It is a strong reminder of our reason to be and more so of this amazing gift we have and which connects us all. I am grateful deep in my heart to be part of the most wonderful community in this world and I feel deep inside the connection to you and other wonderful souls. This poem is the most beautiful thing you have written, and I love all of your writing and videoing 🙂