I Talk to Me

I’m the leader of my cells. I’m the leader of my genes. I’m the leader of my thoughts as I live out the scenes.

Do I talk to myself? 

Yes, I talk to myself every day. When you think about it, your body communicates to you every day as well. It lets you know when you ate the wrong food or when you aren’t getting enough rest as well as many other things. 

I’m the leader of my body so I figure I might as well be part of the conversation. So yes, I do talk to myself. I make sure to tell my cells daily that we are a team. We are co-creators working together to power this body. 

I accept myself

I forgive myself

I appreciate myself

I love myself

The poem below is a celebration of unified physics. It’s about the knowledge contained in all protons, including the ones in my body. It’s about appreciating and loving all parts of yourself, including what you can’t see.

I Talk to Me

I appreciate the insight 
Unified physics for the win
Information in the protons
Deep meditation to begin 

The journey is right inside 
All information available to me
There is energy in the space
My vibrational Family 

So I’m the leader of my cells
I’m the leader of my genes
I’m the leader of my thoughts
As I live out the scenes

It’s all interconnected 
A big wormhole family
There is energy in the space
Faith in what I can’t see

Are you in the habit of talking to yourself daily? 

Much appreciation, love, and light. 

Namaste 🙏🏼☮️
Jace Jacobs
Appreciate Everything ~ Love Fully ~ Need Nothing