Huge News

Huge News! It’s been a fun journey sharing my poetry. Two weeks ago I hit the submit button to request approval from Audible to distribute my first audiobook, Mindset Musings. Today, I received the approval. Yes! It is on the Audible and Amazon store now. It will shortly be on iTunes. Thank you to my social media family for encouraging me to move forward with this project.

Big smiles! Here is the short link to find my first audiobook on Audible based on region. If you are new to Audible then consider becoming a member and receive the book for free. The below links are affiliate links. If you become a member and stay at least 61 days I will receive a small prize from Audible.
UK (United Kingdom and Ireland)
FR (France, Belgium, Switzerland)
DE (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Please reach out to me on social media if you would be willing to provide a review on Audible. I appreciate you greatly.

Big smiles, good vibes, and high fives.

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