Who is Jace Jacobs?

I love writing poetry
It’s the voices in my head
I listen to what they say
And I write down what they said

I love to great the sunrise
And the sunset at night
The Moon showing up for me
Knowing when to shine its light

Who is Jace Jacobs?
I’m a happy mindset poet
Looking back on my past
I didn’t always know it

I shed some layers
And started to see
The authentic version
I wanted to be

So now I embrace
Peace and love by my side
Appreciation with nothing to prove
Love with no need to hide


Are you a cool soul who struggles with taking the appropriate action to get the results you want? I know how that feels. I can assure you this is the right site for you…

If you enjoy doses of positivity in your life…

If you are a big-hearted dreamer wanting to achieve specific results while becoming a better version of yourself…

And especially if you are interested in embracing the real, authentic, spiritual badass that is already inside of you…

You are in the right place. High Five and Knuckles!

Wazzup! My name is Jace Jacobs.  I’m a Happy Mindset Poet, Creator, and Performer. I write and perform family-friendly Happy Mindset Poetry. I enjoy using the words in my poetry to help cool souls raise their vibrational state so they can experience more confidence and clarity in life.

I love performing via video on my Jace Jacobs – Jar of Poetry YouTube channel. 

I have fun teaching results-focused mindset rituals that elevate your energy and lead to a healthier and happier life.

What is a mindset ritual? Let’s keep it simple.

It’s the crossroads of where inspired action meets intention. This sweet spot is the zone where you get the results your desire.

A mindset ritual helps you avoid guessing and leaving results to chance.

A ritual is different than a habit. A ritual requires intention. Habits happen automatically and can be good or bad.  When you choose a mindset ritual, you are choosing to accomplish something with intention.  As Stuart Wilde would say, you are establishing your word as your law.  You name it and claim it.

When you are in a stressful situation, the worst thing you can do is guess. Mindset rituals add tools to your mental toolbox and remove the need for guesswork.

Some of the mindset rituals I teach are:

  • Rituals of Meditation
  • Rituals of Appreciation
  • Rituals of Forgiveness
  • Rituals of Mindfulness
  • Rituals of Self-Love
  • Rituals of Sunrise (morning routine)
  • Rituals of Sunset (evening routine)
  • Rituals of Alignment (Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction)

As well as many others designed to upgrade your life.

I share these concepts in the poetry I write.

I dive in deeper by providing strategies and tactics in the programs I create and during private coaching sessions with clients.

If upgrading your life sounds interesting then check out my poetry and reach out via social media. Let’s see if we are a good fit to work together.

Namaste Knuckles,
Jace Jacobs