Three Ways to Overcome Fear of Video

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Are you a Coach, a Dreamer, or a Healer who is out serving others and finding it difficult to make videos for your tribe? Let me tell you; I’ve been there before.

I had a huge fear of video in 2015. Had is the keyword here. I smashed through that comfort zone by using a process of deep practice and lots of action (application).

Are you ready to smash through your comfort zone and add video into your content creation routine?

Check out these three steps you can use to kick that fear to the curb for good. Boom! 

1. Learn about it
What exactly is your fear? Educate yourself about it. Get in front of a mirror and say hello to it. Embrace it and use it to your advantage. Let it know you have different plans for it.

What types of emotion do you experience when the thought of being recorded on video shows up?

Here is a hot tip…

It’s your thought about a circumstance that creates your emotion. If that emotion is not serving you well, then you can choose to change it. Think new positive thoughts about the video process instead of your old fearful thoughts.

New thoughts will bring on new emotions.

2. Train
Once you know all about your fear, it is time to train like a champ. Now is the time to experiment with deep practice and intensity. Allow yourself to move through the experience and make mistakes.

Pick up your phone and point the camera towards you. Press the record button. Introduce yourself to your new friend. Repeat this process. Dedicate time to repetition and intense focus.

Practice looking right at the little camera instead of your image on the screen. When you look at the camera, your audience sees your eyes looking at them. When you look at the screen, your audience sees your forehead. Which one do you think they want to look at?

Training involves deep practice and intense focus. Train, train, and train again. Keep training until you master your craft, and it becomes second nature. #FunctionalMastery

3. Do (Massive Action)
At this point on your journey, it’s highly critical for you to apply what you’ve learned.

It’s time to hit the publish button and share your awesomeness with the world. On the other side of your comfort zone is a magical experience.

Get some of your like-minded friends together and create or join a Facebook group for support.

Create valuable content and then hit the publish button. Do it again. Do it again. Do it again. You got this!

You can overcome a fear of video. All that is needed is the desire to change your thoughts about it and the willingness to follow these steps to achieve functional mastery. #LearnTrainDo

High Five and Knuckle Hugs,


P.S. If you are interested in learning more about how encouragement, accountability, and training can help you overcome your fear of video… please check out the Fearless High Five Facebook group. We have lots of fun. The members are encouraged to practice and share video content daily.

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6 thoughts on “Three Ways to Overcome Fear of Video

  1. Great post, Jace! I admit that I have avoided video this past year even though I know it is the way to go. I am planning to start livestreaming and posting videos in the next couple of weeks, so this is super helpful!