Facing My Fear…

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I recently posted a blog about failure. I wrote about how failure can be your friend if you learn how to manage your thoughts about it.

That same day I took a walk with my dog, Kona, and decided to turn on the camera. I began to face one of my biggest fears, the selfie video. Sounds funny, right? It’s no joke. Those things scare me.

Even though I’m an extrovert, a blogger, and a podcaster, I’ve been afraid of filming myself for a long time. It’s been a failure for me. Still, I’m moving forward and facing my fear.

“When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.” Stephen Richards

As someone who is comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people, I thought this fear was strange.

Turns out it makes sense. Many extroverts like myself feed off the energy of a crowd. I never thought about that before. The selfie video does not have a crowd. It’s just me and the camera.

To move forward, I needed to change my thoughts about it. Something I suggest to my coaching clients. Ask for what you want and believe you already have it. The Law of Attraction.

I needed to attract the result I wanted.

I visualized myself without fear and turned on the camera. It turned out to be fun, and I’m glad Kona was there with me.

In my hast, I held the camera in portrait mode.  This is funny because I love watching videos in landscape mode.  It’s okay though because facing my fear is way more important than the angle of the camera.

I followed through and posted it on Facebook. Now it’s real and out there. Check out my short video below.

What fear have you faced and overcome? Please leave me a comment and let me know.


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19 thoughts on “Facing My Fear…

  1. Very interesting perspective regarding public speaking vs. making videos. I’m a combination of introvert & extrovert — when I’m “on,” I’m “ON!” but when I’m not, I need a lot of quiet time to recover and recuperate. I’m not comfortable with video, mostly because I don’t think of myself as “attractive,” but I’m trying to get over that. Thanks for the inspiration — I will gather my courage, and do this … someday.

  2. Thank you! Crazy huh? Push through and try it out. I’m starting to realize the power of video. If you look at a website and see no picture of the author it starts to get weird. I think someday we are going to think the same think about missing video from a website. Cheers

  3. Great to see you on video! So many people are afraid of the camera – especially when it’s video. But you survived – when are you recording your next one?

  4. Thank you, Brighton! Nice! I like your thinking. I’m getting ready to post the second one. Got to keep on trucking if I want to conquer my fear. Thank you for the YouTube tips. Cheers

  5. Very encouraging! I have been on stage for 5 years every night in front of 300 people in my past life and now I am very shy preparing small videos. I so can relate. Great video!

  6. Great video! you are a natural on camera 🙂

    I like what you are saying about facing your fears though. I was thinking about this earlier today because I am always challenging myself, making myself uncomfortable and finding ways to grow…and as a result I don’t always feel successful or like I did a standout job at something. But then I remind myself that it is pretty cool that I just tried something new and faced a fear. So I hear ya 🙂 Good job on taking that first step.

  7. Nice one Jace! You looked really relaxed so I can only imagine how you were feeling. I have just started making videos but only of my hands and the products I am talking about. I will work up to “face”; thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Jace, I think you’re great on camera – keep it rolling. We won’t get better without trying right? Nice work, thanks for challenging yourself!