Introducing Jar of Poetry Episode 1

Welcome to Jar of Poetry. This is a new series I’m having fun with on my YouTube channel. Basically, I have a big old jar filled with post-it notes as my co-star. On each note is the title of a poem I’ve written. I reach in, pull out a note, and then perform that poem as spoken word poetry.

It’s a lot of fun and there have been some close calls where I had to search deep in my brain for the words while performing the poetry.  Each video I perform 3 poems.

Check out the first video I did below. Thank you!

Happiness and Harmony,



YouTube Description:

Spoken Word Rhyming Poet, Jace Jacobs performs Happy Mindset Poetry via The Jar of Poetry Ep 1 on October 29, 2018, at his office in Gilbert, Arizona, USA.

Poetry Jam (Some Birds Along the Way, Authenticity, & Money My Honey) Appreciation, Self-Love, and Wealth Abundance Happy Mindset Poetry.



Are Your Actions Raising or Lowing Your Vibration?

When it comes to your thoughts and actions you are either moving towards what you want or moving towards what you don’t want. It’s called Vibrational Momentum. The Universe does not hear what you say it only responds to what you mean. The good news is you can change your vibrational momentum at any time by changing your thoughts and actions to something desirable.

The poems titled, Authenticity, & Money My Honey can be found in my book called, Mindset Musings.

The poem titled, Some Birds Along the Way can be found in my book called, Peace & Love.

Peace & Love – Namaste Knuckles – Poetry for the Enlightenment Curious – Book Two. (Available on Please copy and paste this short link into your browser:

Mindset Musings – Namaste Knuckles – Poetry for the Enlightenment Curious – Book One. (Available on Please copy and paste this short link into your browser:

I love and appreciate these poems. I read them to my kids at night. The concepts covered in this poetry such as self-love, appreciation, mindfulness, and forgiveness have helped me take back my life and embrace happiness.

Please check out my Poetry Playlist:… Why Poetry? I love writing poetry It’s the voices in my head I listen to what they say And I write down what they said I appreciate you checking out this description.

Namaste Knuckles, Jace Jacobs Happy Mindset Poet and Creator @

Appreciate Everything, Love Fully, and Need Nothing.

Poetry is written and performed by Jace Jacobs.

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Music credit: Otis McDonald – Behind Closed Doors