Exactly What I Needed…

The empowering words and concepts I write about are exactly what my younger self needed to embrace 20 years ago.

I expect the unexpected
And each time I see
Something unexpectedly awesome
Shows up for me

Back in my youth, I was low on self-esteem and badly in need of a life upgrade.

As I discovered new mindset concepts, I implemented what I learned.

I stopped acting like I was victimized and instead started taking ownership of my life.

Being a victim didn’t align with who I was on the inside and who I wanted to be on the outside.

Life got better and better and better. 

I started writing down words that felt good in my thoughts.

It could be appreciation
Gifted with a beautiful note
An unexpected comment
On something I previously wrote

My thoughts turned into poetry, and I soon published my first book called Mindset Musings – Namaste Knuckles – Poetry for the Enlightenment Curious – Book One.

I love these poems and I read them to my kids at night. The concepts covered were things that helped me take back my life and embrace happiness.

Each time an adventure
Always excited to see
Those unexpected experiences
Life happening through me

Each poem is influenced by life upgrading concepts like mindfulness, appreciation, self-love, and empowerment among others.

The poems are meant to be read as if they are your empowering words you are saying to yourself as you read them.

Let’s keep it simple. If you enjoy happy rhyming poetry, and you enjoy becoming a better version of yourself, then this is the right book for you.

The poems are designed to be short (4 stanzas each). You can get in and out of each one in less than 50 seconds and have plenty of time to implement the concepts.

So let’s appreciate the possibilities
Expansion flowing through
All puzzles are experiences
And unexpected gift for you

I appreciate you checking out this blog post review.

I look forward to releasing book two in this series (Peace and Love) soon.

Namaste Knuckles,
Jace Jacobs

p.s. You’ve read this far. Are you curious about my book? You can find the ebook and paperback versions on Amazon by using this link.

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