Exactly What I Needed…

The empowering words and concepts I write about are exactly what my younger self needed to embrace 20 years ago.

I expect the unexpected
And each time I see
Something unexpectedly awesome
Shows up for me

Back in my youth, I was low on self-esteem and badly in need of a life upgrade.

As I discovered new mindset concepts, I implemented what I learned.

I stopped acting like I was victimized and instead started taking ownership of my life.

Being a victim didn’t align with who I was on the inside and who I wanted to be on the outside.

Life got better and better and better. 

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Friends Around The Way

Are you a hugger? I love a great hug.  Yet, sometimes the logistics are challenging. In this social world, it’s fun to embrace those awesome relationships both near and far.

I appreciate and love my friends around the globe.

I learn from them.
I share with them.
I grow with them.

I felt inspired to write a poem to express how I feel. It’s my version of a virtual hug.

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To You or For You?

Sometimes shit happens which is just a circumstance. These circumstances are neutral in that they are neither good nor bad. It’s just a fact. It happened, whatever “it” is. The Universe sees it as neutral.

The difference between a good or bad experience is how we embrace the thoughts triggered by the circumstance. It’s how you choose to think about it.

It is what it was.

You don’t have to honor the same old thoughts. Right now you can choose a new thought about it.

Let me ask you:

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