How Forgiveness Leads to Independence

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How do you like your baggage? I’m not talking about the travel stuff either. I’m asking about the mental junk you’ve been carrying around in your funk trunk.

If you were like me a few years ago, you have some baggage that needs to be released because it is no longer serving you.

What if you could let go of the mental junk and focus on the present?

The good news is you can by focusing in on a powerful word, forgiveness.

A forgiveness release exercise enables you to move forward and embrace the now. No more junkie junkie in your trunkie trunkie.

Here are three steps you can take towards kicking your baggage to the curb and claiming your independence.

1. Wazzup Me
Go to the mirror and say hello. Throw up a high five and touch the hand staring back at you.

Who is the real you?

Are you carrying around some baggage from your past? Maybe a little anger? Maybe a little shame? Be honest with yourself and find out where you are now.

What is your current baggage reality?

2. Flow and Let Go
If you find you’ve been beating yourself up over something in your past, then write it all out in a letter to yourself. If your baggage involves someone else, living or deceased, then write the letter as if you were writing to them.

You do not need to share the letter with anyone. It is for your healing.

Express your feelings. Don’t hold back. Anything you can think of, go ahead and write it down. Leave it all on the page.

Once you get as much written as you can then shift your focus to gratitude. Trust me on this.

Those awesome qualities you possess today were shaped by your experiences in the past, both good and bad. It’s important to identify the lessons you have learned.

In the letter, let them know that you understand they did the best that they could with what they had at the time.

Let yourself know that you did the best that you could with what you had at the time.

The emphasis is on forgiveness. It is a powerful thing, and it can help set you free from your baggage.

3. Burn and Return
You’ve written your letter. Nice! Now let’s clean out that clutter. Find a safe place to light that letter on fire. Have a ceremony. Say a few words first. Let yourself know that you are proud of yourself for going through this forgiveness process.

Now it’s time to release the anger, release the shame, release the baggage.

Burn it!

Burn that letter and feel the release. Set yourself free and return to the awesome person you are without baggage. You don’t need that baggage.

Feel free to write more than one letter. As for myself, I wrote four letters. Check out the video below where I burned a letter I wrote to forgive my mom, who had passed away when I was 27.

Repeat this process as many times as you feel necessary to help you heal.

Forgiveness is a game changer. It can help you claim your independence from the mental junk you no longer need.

High fives and knuckles hugs,


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12 thoughts on “How Forgiveness Leads to Independence

  1. I have a current family issue that I need to apply this too. I’ve been trying the forgiving thing but I was really hurt and I’m having a hard time to truly forgive. Thanks for the reminder to write it out and burn it.

  2. Thank you, Donna. I appreciate you sharing your story. I think the letter will work great. Please let me know if you have any questions as you go through the process. Cheers

  3. I’ve done similar rituals in the past — very healing process. You can pour it all out … and then just let it go….

    Nice job getting rid of the junk in your funk trunk!!

  4. Great stuff! Powerful ritual and getting to a place of forgiveness is certainly liberating. Thanks for sharing!