How to Kick Scarcity to the Curb

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Are you a newly awakened dreamer who wants to change the world? Have you struggled with a lack of clients and social support from family and friends?

I know how that feels.

Sometimes I let it get to me. Other times I ask myself, “Am I living in scarcity or abundance?”

What do these concepts mean to you?

On the surface, scarcity means there is a lack of something compared to the demand.

At a deeper level, it’s a learned mindset full of limiting beliefs often passed down by prior experiences. If there is risk involved, scarcity will jump in your head and talk you out of it.

Don’t leave corporate.
Don’t follow you passions.
Don’t go into coaching full time.

As an entrepreneur or dreamer, it means you are avoiding risk. You fear there is a lack of something. You are holding back and playing small in order to protect yourself. But you’re not fully living, are you?

Scarcity, much like resistance, wants you to play life extremely safe. Unfortunately, this seems to be a popular choice. There are many influences present. They range from negative news stories on mass media to the influences of those who have truly struggled in life.

So what is the alternative?

Here are some strategies to help move away from scarcity when building your business and following your dream.

1. Respect the power of your thoughts

Scarcity wants you to play it safe.
It’s good friend Resistance wants you to avoid your greatness.

Both will show up through your thoughts when you least expect it. However, you are going to redirect them. Fight back!

Your task is to learn to recognize when your thoughts are not serving you and then make a pivot to a new thought that works better.

The way you can do this is to keep revisiting your mission, your purpose, your why. What is your movement or cause that drives you?

Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

By learning to recognize a thought influenced by scarcity you can dismiss it without spending any precious time worrying about it. You are awesome, and you have bigger things that need your attention!

2. Embrace Abundance

Abundance is another learned mindset. At it’s simplest terms it means there is always enough. You name it, there is enough to go around. Life will provide what you need.

For the dreamer, this means there are plenty of customers to go around. There is plenty of money available. The right ideas are always floating around and waiting to be embraced.

Unlike scarcity, abundance doesn’t come as natural. You have to develop the mindset on your own. In fact, abundance is unique to each individual. I can provide the definition that works for me. However, you have to figure out what works best for you.

Experiencing the benefits of an abundant lifestyle requires an investment in the quality of your thoughts. It can be as easy as quality in and quality out. The more positive thoughts you embrace, the more positive outcomes, you will experience.

Your ticket to Abundanceville is waiting for you. It can be found in your thoughts.

There you have it, my friend. What do these concepts mean to you? Are you living your life guided by scarcity or are you soaking in the warmth of abundance? One will serve you, and one will shackle you. The cool thing is you get to choose.

High fives and knuckles,


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18 thoughts on “How to Kick Scarcity to the Curb

  1. Abundance all the way! There is no room for the shackles to take hold.. Even if you have few people to work with, focusing on what you have will be enough to fill you up!

  2. Timing is everything….

    We recently experienced a substantial financial setback. After a bit of fuming this morning about the unfairness of being penalized for a mistake which wasn’t ours, I went out for a very energetic walk.

    I passed a woman out with two large dogs, and a young man in a wheelchair, probably her son, and probably also quadriplegic.

    It put things right into perspective, financial and beyond. Yes, we have to curtail our travel plans, and be a bit mindful about our spending, but how very fortunate we are….

    And of course, keep our abundance mindset intact, in spite of this temporary … speed bump. 🙂

  3. Although the Walton family of Walmart has as much money as the entire bottom half of US citizens, they will not surrender and pay a living wage, even though they’re taking a lot of heat for it. You can have a scarcity mindset no matter how much wealth you have.

    The opposite is also true.

  4. great read. I think i need this type of motivation daily. I feel as if i have a sort of ADHD and with that fear of failure and sometimes a light depression sets in.. Thanks for the read.

  5. Thank you, Jorge! I understand how you feel and you are not alone. I’ve been there. Failure can be tough to handle especially if someone was raised to believe failure, was a bad thing. I’m comfortable now knowing that failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. Thank you for reading my post. Cheers

  6. I used to think that I was living abundantly but then I went to a wellness seminar and I realized I was just filling my days with things that didn’t matter because I was afraid (living in scarcity). It’s been a real eye opener for me and I’ve slowly started embracing abundance by doing more of the things that actually matter to me instead of just staying “busy”.

    Thanks for helping to putting this into perspective.

  7. Abundance is a mindset we practice consistently. We often think some people are simply blessed with either our perspective of what abundance looks like, or with an abundant mindset.
    When really, abundance is a choice 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder!

  8. High Five Lisa! I’ve been there with a similar experience. It’s awesome for things to click and then you start seeing the positive benefits. I’m grateful my post resonated with you. Thank you for checking it out. Cheers

  9. Thank you, Donna! Yes, our minds are powerful for sure. I think it’s critical to pay attention to the quality of one’s thoughts. Those High five!

  10. Very important to remember. Especially, when things are particularly tough. Letting go of what’s not serving you and focusing on all there is can be really powerful.