Roar Like a Lion and Breakthrough

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I had one of those amazing experiences recently. You know the kind where you can’t wait to share it with others?

I participated in a 7-Day online fear challenge ran by my mentor, Jesse Elder. It was incredible, including the people I met. As a result, I’ve had some real breakthroughs. Boom!

I’ll share some of my experience in a future post.

In the meantime, here are three steps you can take to get moving towards a breakthrough of your own.

1. Be True to You
I’ve heard it. I’ve even said before. But, I haven’t always lived it fully. Why is that? I suspect I was missing some clarity. That missing piece was holding me back in life.

After a week of stepping out of my comfort zone, I am refreshed and fully committed to following my truth. I’ve seen the other side, and I love it. It starts with being true to me.

2. Find your Lion
There is a documentary called Finding Joe which summarizes Joseph’s Campbell’s motif, The Hero’s Journey. I highly recommend it.

In the documentary, it shares a story about sheep and lions. The point of the story is to remind you that sometimes as lions you are not living your truth. You may be a lion acting like a sheep.

There is nothing wrong with being a sheep. However, being the true lion you are is where the magic happens. Once you realize this, it’s time to shake things up. Find the Lions (people) that inspire you to become a better version of yourself. Then surround yourself with them.

3. Roar and Soar
As a new entrepreneur, there will be some ups and downs. You can take new courses, read books, and listen to successful coaches all day long and still not be any closer to accomplishing your dreams. The missing component is the process of taking massive action to apply what you learn.

Get out there and roar like a lion by taking massive action. Learn, train, and apply. Write something and then hit the publish button. Join an accountability group that will help push you through your comfort zone. Take inspired action and keep moving forward.

As I learn to be me on this growth-seeking journey, I’m finding peace, excitement, and what it means to be a lion.

Who is the real you? Are you hanging out with sheep or lions? Please let me know in the comments.

High five, hugs, and knuckles,


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12 thoughts on “Roar Like a Lion and Breakthrough

  1. Still kinda hanging with the sheep, but working on it. Great piece Jace. Love that it makes you stop and think about it! You inspire me to hang with the lions!

  2. HA!! I am neither sheep nor lion — I am the “Divine Dragon”! No, really — I’m a Fire sign according to Western astrology (Sagittarius), and a Dragon in Chinese astrology (and my element is … wait for it … Fire!). And my guardian angel is none other than the Archangel Michael — yes, he of the flaming sword.

    I always feel better when I connect with my Dragon nature … or my Fairy CatMother one…. But then, Bast (cat goddess) & Sekhmet (lion goddess) are often seen as two sides of the same coin. Hey, what do you know? Looks like there’s some Lion in the mix after all!! 🙂

  3. I am definitely a lion and am trying to get too many things out there but I have my sheep moments, like this week, taking a break, doubting, being aimless before the lion takes over… usually it does not last but then I take it as the response of my body & mind to say stop, listen to the sheep so the lion can roar even louder. Thanks for this awesome article reminding me that it is all right the way it is

  4. Roaaaarrr my brother! Right ON! Thank you for bringing it all to light! We’ll do our best not to eat anybody up along the way !