Three Ways to Bust Out of Your Rut

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As I began my day building my new online program, I found myself watching cool cat videos on Facebook. It was awesome, and I don’t even have a cat.

I was sucked in, and I fully embraced it.

On my journey as a coach and being coached by others, I’ve learned there is a time and a place for cat videos. There is also a time when you need to flip the switch and say no to things that are keeping you from being your best self.

Below are three ways to help you bust out of your rut, kick the cat videos to the curb, and bring your awesomeness to the table like a pro.

1. Enjoy the moment.
One or two cat videos do not define you. Recognize it’s only a moment. In fact, it might even help you rethink a portion of your business. Be present, enjoy it, and then move on.

2. Keep it simple.
You’re in a rut because the actions items are piling up. Your thoughts are getting to you. There is a lot on your plate. The truth is you can’t do everything at once, so don’t feel like you need to. Change your thoughts about it and chunk in down into manageable bites.

Make a list each night and choose three priorities to accomplish the next day. These are your big three. Review the list when you find yourself drifting off into Catville. It can help you keep things in perspective. All you need to do is smash out a few actions and then you can enjoy cat videos guilt-free.

3. Bring Home the Bacon
In the old days, everyone had a job to do. To keep the tribe functioning smoothly everyone had to pitch in and handle certain responsibilities. Are you handling the appropriate responsibilities in your life or business?

Focus on your zone of genius as Gay Hendricks calls it in his book, The Big Leap. Just because you can paint your house doesn’t mean you should. Unless of course, you want to be a professional house painter.

Instead, focus on the tasks and responsibilities where you are looking to become great. So if you’re an author or blogger put down the paint brush and focus on your writing instead. If you’re a new coach, get out there and coach people. You got this.

Kapow! Boom! Take that rut. We’re not playing around anymore.

High fives and knuckle hugs,


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10 thoughts on “Three Ways to Bust Out of Your Rut

  1. Fun post + kind of comical that those cute + funny cat videos lured you in even though you don’t have cats! My life is a cat video as I have 2 feline furbabies + I often have to lovingly pick our boy kitty up off of my laptop keyboard, which is where he plants his cute little self when mommy’s trying to get stuff done . . .

  2. Thanks, Patti! I had the best cat in the world when I was 17. I named her Thumper. She had so much personality. Good times. These days I have my dog, Kona who also has a ton of personality. I probably won’t get another cat but I do welcome the occasional video. Cheers

  3. Yep — I used to get distracted checking “I Can Has Cheezburger” pix…. Ditched that habit a few years ago.

    I don’t have to look for cat videos — I have four of the critters at home, and get enough funny antics. But I will indulge in a quick look if someone else posts one, especially if they tag me. (Don’t get any ideas, Jace!! 😀 )

    And then there are the Minions — don’t get me started….

  4. I am a cat video watcher – that’s me. Mr. CatVideoWatcher, defined and proud…just kidding. I’ve had a cat but now I have a dog. I only watch dog videos. Sort of kidding there.

    In all honesty, I love animals but I have learnt, as you so aptly state, to limit my animal view pleasure time and get down to the task of “bringing home the bacon”!

    Meow, bark, oink, oink.