Huge News

Huge News! It’s been a fun journey sharing my poetry. Two weeks ago I hit the submit button to request approval from Audible to distribute my first audiobook, Mindset Musings. Today, I received the approval. Yes! It is on the Audible and Amazon store now. It will shortly be on iTunes. Thank you to my social media family for encouraging me to move forward with this project.

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I Talk to Me

I’m the leader of my cells. I’m the leader of my genes. I’m the leader of my thoughts as I live out the scenes.

Do I talk to myself? 

Yes, I talk to myself every day. When you think about it, your body communicates to you every day as well. It lets you know when you ate the wrong food or when you aren’t getting enough rest as well as many other things. 

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I Love What I Choose to SEE

Every day I wake up

I greet my energy in the mirror

I raise up my vibration

And limit any drama I may hear

You have power over what you internalize each day. You always have a choice as to what you choose to focus on. Go for the good feeling now.


Appreciate Everything, Love Fully, Need Nothing

Jace Jacobs

Namaste 🙏🏼☮️ 

Little Starseeds We Will Shine

Jar of Poetry Ep 181 – We Will Shine

This poem is a shout out to all of those Lightworkers and Starseeds who are doing their best to help raise up the collective vibration. Special shout out to those who are raising little Starseeds and little Lightworkers as well.

You are making a difference. Keep on having fun and raising the vibration.

Check out the video below on YouTube.

Appreciate Everything ~ Love Fully ~ Need Nothing


Jace Jacobs

Jar of Poetry Ep 179 – Lighthouse Love

Lighthouses hold a strong meaning for me. They represent how I wish to model myself as a coach, performer, and human.

I choose to model the characteristics of a lighthouse in my day to day activities. I choose not to shame or judge. I only wish to shine my light.

Check out this poem as I say goodbye to the day in front of a beautiful sunset.

Appreciate Everything, Love Fully, Need Nothing,

Jace Jacobs