Two Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself

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I dig the happy, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy all of the time. Like everyone else my life is a journey, and there are some ups and downs. Some good times and some bad. Overall, I’m at peace. I’m having my thoughts work for me instead of against me.

What helps me find peace is knowing the right questions to ask myself in certain situations.

I want to share with you two powerful questions I’ve learned from my friend, Marie Forleo. I ask myself these when I’m in tough situations filled with adversity. It can be everyday situations like when I’m reading something new or when I’m listening to someone talk about a familiar subject. When you embrace these questions, it can be a game changer in your life.

Question 1: What can I learn from this?
Question 2: How can I make this work for me?

While they are basic questions, when you apply them in certain situations they can become very powerful. Instead of thinking I already know this. Ask yourself, what can I learn from this? Perhaps there is a different perspective you had yet to consider. Allow yourself the opportunity to gather more information and learn from a different angle. Instead of closing the door, challenge yourself to find a way to make this work for you. Allow yourself to add some additional mental information in your toolbox. Regardless of the situation, there is always an opportunity to learn.

Give these questions a try the next time you find yourself thinking, “I already know this.” Please leave a comment and let me know if you have a situation where these questions were beneficial for you or if you need more clarification on how to use them.  I would love to know how this is working for you.

I can help you ask the right questions to get your desired result. It begins with self-coaching.

Until next time my friend. We are never too old to learn something new, and we are never too young to influence others.



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15 thoughts on “Two Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. We always have to be willing to learn, whatever the situation. As soon as we close our ears — and our minds — by thinking “I already know this,” we turn off that ability to be surprised by something new. And that’s never a good thing….

  2. Great questions, Jace! Asking questions is far more powerful than thinking you know all the answers. I will strive to keep the questions in mind as much as possible. Cheers! And thanks!

  3. Great post and impeccable timing as I was recently laid-off from the Corporate world. So those questions really mean something to me right now! Nice job….

  4. Great questions Jace, last year I asked myself these questions.

    I almost closed the door, and the Universe gave me a message. Find a way to make this work in your life.

    And starting this year off I am listening to my inner voice and I do a lot off EFT Tapping to get my energy moving.

  5. I’m very guilty of saying I know that. Now I catch myself and stop myself from saying that them open my mind. Not to mention no likes a know it all

  6. I loved this! Sometimes I shut myself off from hearing someone else’s perspective on a subject that I think I know enough about. I am going to try to keep an open mind and ask myself these questions next time I find myself doing this.

  7. I’m working on trying to stop saying “I know that”. Which I feel closes out the opportunity to learn something new or way to do something I already know