Busted! Are You Taking Too Much Action?

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“Dude! Take some action and get some blood in the game.” Have you heard that before?

Have you taken tons of action, yet you still haven’t gotten anywhere with your dreams?

What if taking too much action is not good for you? What if it’s holding you back from accomplishing your goals?

Let’s examine two types of action and see which one fits into your routine.

Passive Action

I love me some passive action. It involves consuming content. Reading blogs. Listening to podcasts. Watching webinars. Buying books. All cool things I love to do and I’ve done a lot of. I bet you love passive action as well. Humans are curious creatures, so we’re naturals at it.

Hey now, passive action can’t have all the fun. There is another type of action that is super rare. It’s not as easy to accomplish. In fact, it involves fear, so lots of people and coaches avoid it.

Massive Action

Yep, this one is super important when it comes to your dreams.

Massive action involves creation and application to get results. What???

O.K., in simple terms if you want to fly to the Moon you must build a rocket (creation) and then press the lift off button (application).

You keep moving forward creating and applying despite failure until you accomplish you goals.

Will there be failures? For sure. You can count on it.

Instead of giving up at first failure you push through and learn from the failure, adjust, and then take more action. You don’t stop taking massive action until your goal is accomplished. Hello, Moon!

Massive action can be viewed as building a puzzle. Think of the puzzle as your goal. Maybe it’s a Moon puzzle. The pieces are available to look at and move around. The box is available to analyze and learn from. However, until you start building the puzzle (creation), you have not taken massive action and your not really going anywhere. You just have a bunch of pieces lying around.

You have the responsibility to take action and see where things fit. They don’t fit right away, do they? It’s called failure, and it’s expected. It’s a good thing. If you keep trying different pieces eventually, you will find the one that fits in it’s place (application).

If you don’t take action, the puzzle will not get built. In other words, you won’t achieve your goal.

Passive action is fun until you realize too much of it can be holding you back from building the puzzle. You need to make sure you are taking enough massive action to go along with it. Come on Moon puzzle!

Check out the strategies below to ensure you are finding balance in the action you take.

Get your goals on

Set goals you’re passionate about achieving. You need to know what you want and set clear intentions to get it. But most important, you need to take action each day towards your goal without getting stuck consuming too much content.

Consuming content is only bad if it keeps you from moving towards your goals. Be responsible. Know when to say when.

Choose an accountability partner

Everybody needs someone to talk too, even coaches. Some of my best breakthroughs came after sharing ideas with my coach.

An accountability partner who is present and committed to your success can help push you through to completion of your goals. Meeting at least once per week is a great start to a routine.

Exchange a list of top priorities for that week and then get after it. It can help light a fire in you when you know you will need to report the results a week later. You are more likely to work on identified tasks each day leading up to your meeting.

Funk it up and fail forward

Turn on some tunes, chant your favorite mantra and get cracking. Keep moving forward by taking massive action towards your goals.

There will be failures for sure. Do you need a hug? Turn them into a positive and think about them as a learning opportunity.

There will be some embarrassment. Don’t go into victim mode. Instead, embrace your vulnerability and use it to your advantage. You’re awesome.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. If the action scares you, then there is a good bet it is the right step for you. The fear is resistance trying to keep you from doing what you are meant to do. Show resistance who the boss is. I’m going to the Moon!

As coaches, we need to make sure we understand the difference between passive action (consuming) and massive action (creating and applying).

I love me some passive action. However, massive action is where the magic happens.



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16 thoughts on “Busted! Are You Taking Too Much Action?

  1. This is spot on! This really resonates with me. I had to realize I needed to stop watching webinars and reading and take action! The passive action can be used as a crutch and an excuse to not put yourself out there. “Well, I need to learn more….” The accountability partner thing really resonates with me. I have one, and starting our weekly phone calls has significantly impacted me for the better. Excellent article my friend!

  2. And this is why I’ve been taking a break from all of the online summits that have been waved in my face already this year — more than one each week, it seems!! It is sooo easy to fall into the stagnation of doing nothing but taking “passive action.” And I guess the program I’m in the progress of creating must be what I’m meant to do, ’cause the fear is kicking in big time!!

    I love your puzzle analogy too — ’cause working on puzzles is one way I let my mind drift into creative mode, which is “passive” action that I can then turn into “massive” action as I put MY pieces together….

  3. Love this article Jace, a great read. Lots of it resonates with me. Love the saying by getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

  4. I had a lot of Passive Action involving my Photography. I’m going to publish them, yeah, when. I can think of all the cool things I’m going to do. I have goals but that’s all I had, I haven’t acted on them. Thanks for introducing Massive Action to me. Now I understand, start putting the pieces together and accomplish my goals. Don’t be afraid of the rejections along the way. That talk we had today lit a fire in me. I’m going to submit, Submit and Submit again.

  5. Yes!!! High five! Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome pictures published. Check out unsplash.com and consider submitting some of your photos there. Cheers