The Big Three that Work for Me

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Boom! What a year so far. High five, hugs, and knuckles! I’m having fun and making big strides on my Hero’s Journey. How is the year turning out for you?

I’m always looking to learn something new and this year is no different. I like to pause and reflect each quarter to recognize and acknowledge strategies that are working for me.

Check out the big 3 I’m digging this year:

1. Embrace Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a lifestyle.  It’s awareness and being present in the moment. It means having the ability to take a split second pause before you react to a circumstance. This is an ideal skill for the new entrepreneur and dreamer.

I embrace mindfulness when acknowledging that many of my family and friends do not engage with the content I publish. In my younger days, that would have upset me.

While I’d love for them to be involved in my journey, mindfulness enables me to look at the situation with empathy. I can experience it without judgment and not take it personally when they don’t interact. They just might have other things on their plate.  It’s not about me. 

Check out “Bring it on Drama!” to see other examples and how mindfulness can help you achieve a different outcome.

The key benefit with mindfulness is it enables you to move on and focus on peace and love without judgment.

2. Recognize Resistance

I know resistance will always be around, so it’s good to be knowledgeable and prepared to fight back. The key is to recognize it first.

Resistance is a familiar foe I’ve battled many times. Early on in my journey I didn’t understand what it was and the power that it had over me.

Steven Pressfield explains resistance brilliantly in his book, The War of Art.  It’s a must have resource for anyone looking to create something.

Resistance’s sole purpose is to stop you from doing what you are meant to do. It influences your thoughts and will knock you off track. You won’t even know what hit you.

As an entrepreneur, it is highly important to familiarize yourself with the power of resistance so you can recognize it and make adjustments. It’s always attacking your dreams and will shut you down with limiting beliefs.

Check out “Boom! Take That Resistance!” to see a deeper explanation and a personal story of how I overcame resistance.

3. Take Massive Action

So you take a lot of action? Are you familiar with passive action versus massive action? Yep, knowing the difference is super important when it comes to your dreams.

Passive action is all about consumption. It involves consuming content. Reading blogs. Listening to podcasts. Watching webinars. Buying books. All cool things I love to do.

Massive action involves creation and application to get results. In simple terms if you want to share blogs with the world you must first write the blog (creation) and then press the publish button (application).

As entrepreneurs and dreamers, there is a tendency to get stuck in too much passive action. You built a great website yet you can be slow to publish the first blog post or ask for that first customer.

Passive action is fun until you realize too much of it can be holding you back from accomplishing your dream. You need to make sure you are taking enough massive action to go along with it. Please reference “Busted! Are you taking too much action?” to get the full scoop with more examples.

There you have it. These mindset strategies have kick started my year with more efficiency, focus, and energy. Try them out and see how they work for you. I would love to hear what your big three are?

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High fives and knuckles,


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19 thoughts on “The Big Three that Work for Me

  1. Awesome stuff! ITN really got me on board with mindfulness. I am growing in that practice in my life, and it is definitely blessing me. I’m especially working on mindful eating. My big one is my morning routine altogether. That has brought so much structure and inspiration to my life. A book that launched me into that is The Miracle Morning, a must read in my opinion. Thanks Jace!

  2. I spent the early part of the year increasing the degree of content creation, but now that Spring is here and I’m in a more pedestrian-friendly environment, everything else is starting to fall into place….

    I’m back on the exercise track, which has been great for my mindset (which was in desperate need of a reset!!) — I have a lovely Nature trail near my home, so I can get plenty of vitamin N from Mama Earth. It feels so good to be walking this familiar path….

    I’m also feeling a strong need to do some sort of raw or green cleanse as the weather’s been warming up. Need to detox those fat cells I acquired during my “health crash” year…. 🙂

  3. This is great Jace! Thanks to ITN for opening the door for me to mindfulness. I prefer mindfulness over the choices I used to make. However I now realize I need to focus a bit more on 2 & 3. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Nice Renai! You are welcome. I agree about Mindfulness. It’s been great for me. Resistance and Massive Action are game changers. Keep me updated on your progress and let me know if you need a pep talk. High Five!

  5. I needed to read this! I’m definitely guilty of taking passive action for my love of learning. However, I need to put it on pause for a bit and start taking massive action in order to grow my business successfully to the level I’ve envisioned. Thanks Jace!

  6. I love the way you write about passive action. I find myself doing way too much of that, becoming overwhelmed with so much content that I don’t know what to write as a first blog post. I’d love to start making videos on YouTube, but am unsure of what to say. I’ll be checking out your strategies in the near future (more passive actions). Sigh…

  7. Thank you, Angelique! You got this! Just be you and get started. Keep it short so there is no pressure. I’m putting together some blogging tips. I’ll ping you when it’s ready. Cheers

  8. Oh man! I see myself in this post. Just the other day I was thinking how none of my family or friends have signed up for my newsletter or share a blog that I post and it kind of bummed me out! Next time I am definitely going to remember reading your words ” It’s not about me”.

    I also tend to do a lot of action steps but am slow with the release. Something I am working on daily!

  9. Thank you, Lisa! It sucks when you catch yourself questioning why someone else is not doing something to help your business. The good news we can move forward and focus on the message we are providing. The right people will resonate with it at the right time. Cheers

  10. It’s baby steps but I have been able to increase my mindfulness frequency. Even if just thinking that I haven’t been eating mindful, is being mindful.