Refresh Your Thoughts in 3 Steps

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Ouch! Another setback. Let’s take a deep breath. Let your frustrations out. Vent for a few seconds. You don’t need any longer. Now take a few more deep breaths. Nice and slow.

Life is full of adversity. There will be some tough times. You can count on it. However, with the right mindset techniques the outcome, success or failure, does not matter. What matters is how you think about it.

Your thoughts are very powerful, and they control your feelings. The good news is you can learn to harness that power and use it to your advantage. Do not suppress your feelings. However, there is no reason to let them control your life.

You may not realize this, but you get to choose your thoughts. Try it. Think about your favorite friend and a happy moment you shared. How much fun did you have? Focus in on a moment when you were laughing and smiling. It was a great time wasn’t it? Spend a few minutes focusing on this happy experience and notice your feelings. You will feel the happiness of that moment.

Now, to prove my point I could take you down a dark path to one of the saddest moments in your life. I could do this to demonstrate how quickly you can change your current happy feeling by just changing your thoughts. Let’s pass on that for now and assume I’m right. If you still want to know for sure, then go ahead and change your thoughts to something sad. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Are you stuck in a feeling that no longer serves you? Below is your action plan to refresh your thoughts and change how you feel.

Step one: Meditate.
Keep it simple. Breathe in and out slowly.

Step two: Clear your mind.
Focus on your breathing and don’t pay attention to the random thoughts in your head.

Step three: Welcome a new thought.
Bring in a new thought that serves you well. Focus on it.

It can be that simple.

Are you interested in learning more? Please leave a comment and let me know. I would love to help guide you toward a feeling that serves you.



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18 thoughts on “Refresh Your Thoughts in 3 Steps

  1. Quick and simple! I like that. I’m going to share this with my daughter. She suffers from anxiety often(teenager). I think your advice will help her a lot.

  2. All I ever need to do is shift my thoughts to one of my “fur kids.” Works like a charm — I go right into a state of “coherence,” just like the HeartMath folks say….

  3. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. I hope your daughter finds what she needs. Anxiety can be tough but definitely something she can learn to manage and overcome. Cheers

  4. Great reminder that we have control of our state of mind. A great mentor of mine always says that when you make a choice and that choice is wrong or a bad one, then make choose again!

    Your 3 simple steps are great advice to get into the right frame of mind when faced with making a choice. Rock On Jace!

  5. Love the tip about thinking of a fun memory, and a time when I laughed. It really brought a smile to my face immediately.

    A great and gentle reminder that our mind is our most powerful tool!

    thank you!

  6. I’m grateful that tip worked for you, Lisa Maria. I have two kiddos and there are days when I’m tested. Lol. Thinking about a good memory changes my mood real quick. Cheers