To You or For You?

Sometimes shit happens which is just a circumstance. These circumstances are neutral in that they are neither good nor bad. It’s just a fact. It happened, whatever “it” is. The Universe sees it as neutral.

The difference between a good or bad experience is how we embrace the thoughts triggered by the circumstance. It’s how you choose to think about it.

It is what it was.

You don’t have to honor the same old thoughts. Right now you can choose a new thought about it.

Let me ask you:

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Three Ways to Overcome Fear of Video

Read Time: 2 min

Are you a Coach, a Dreamer, or a Healer who is out serving others and finding it difficult to make videos for your tribe? Let me tell you; I’ve been there before.

I had a huge fear of video in 2015. Had is the keyword here. I smashed through that comfort zone by using a process of deep practice and lots of action (application).

Are you ready to smash through your comfort zone and add video into your content creation routine?

Check out these three steps you can use to kick that fear to the curb for good. Boom! 

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Three Reasons to Embrace Live Video

Read Time: 1

Dude, why are you doing live videos on Facebook? Why are you putting yourself out there with no filters or edits? #Vulnerable

Here’s the deal.

Live video on Facebook is hot right now. It’s a great medium where fans and followers can interact with you in real-time.

Think about your Facebook experience. Are you checking out your people on live video? I know I do, and I love it.

Here are three reasons why it is important to get your brand on Live Video.

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