Not Another F@#&ing Coach!

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Recently I read a Facebook post from a friend complaining about all the new coaches out there promoting themselves. He did not believe they were qualified enough to call themselves coaches. I did not reply to his post, but there were plenty of people who agreed with him.

I hear this from time to time, and I strongly disagree. I welcome you to keep your opinion. I’m not here to try and change it, but I will share mine.

Here is my viewpoint.

We are all coaches. It doesn’t matter if you embrace the title or not.

As soon as you start leading, serving or guiding another individual you have become a coach. Whether or not you choose to own the title and responsibility is up to you.

Are you a parent? Have you ever answered a question or provided feedback? A pet owner? An older sibling? Have you taught someone how to do something in a different or more efficient way? If so, you are a coach.

Now, what about the assumption that a new coach is not qualified or experienced enough to hold the title? How do you get there if you don’t start somewhere? How can you grow to become the next great coach if you don’t start?

Experience level and qualifications can be desirable attributes. However, that doesn’t guarantee someone will be the best coach for you. You can be the most experienced coach and have the best qualifications out there. However, if I don’t have access to you or if I don’t vibe with you, then your impressive resume doesn’t mean anything to me.

There are coaches all around us. The best one for you is the one that you vibe with, someone who inspires you, and that you believe can guide you from point A to point B. As a consumer, who you hire is your choice.

If a few honourable individuals want to embrace the coaching title despite their lack of experience, then I see no issue with it. In fact, I applaud them for putting themselves out there and for working to make a positive impact on the world.



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20 thoughts on “Not Another F@#&ing Coach!

  1. I totally agree Jace! We all have something to teach. A mentor of mine once said, if you are an arm’s length away on a topic, you can teach it. Thanks for all your great work and content.

  2. HA!! This really resonated and made me chuckle. Why? Long before I ever signed up with ITN to be a CTNC, I was a free-lance editor — yes, I coached writers, helping people who were great story-tellers learn the technical skills to be better at the mechanics. And sometimes helping them tell their stories better in the process. I had no idea I’d been a coach for so long…. Thanks for the perspective, Jace!! Cheers! 🙂

  3. Coach is as coach does. A coach by any other name would be just as valuable if they deliver. Nice one, Jace!! Coach those coach-term snobs to understand that value not a title is what makes a coach. Cheers!

  4. Thank you for writing this, Jace! You brought up some very good points. To me, anytime someone teaches, educates, trains, or guides another individual or a group of people, that person is essentially stepping into the role of a coach.
    And it’s true, finding the right coach that fits your style, personality, and energy all need to be considered when looking for one. Just my two cents 🙂

  5. I so agree!! Ahh, the importance of a Discovery Session,to see if you vibe:). I too don’t want to work with someone I don’t vibe with. Great blog post, thanks Jace.

  6. Love this Jace! I’ve seen the similar posts and haven’t commented either mainly because I feel like people’s issues with what other people choose to call themselves has more to do with them, then the people who are calling themselves coaches. That and like you said, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    And just like Meshaealle just posted, we’re all coaches, just like we’re all students.
    Rock on!