Friends Around The Way

Are you a hugger? I love a great hug.  Yet, sometimes the logistics are challenging. In this social world, it’s fun to embrace those awesome relationships both near and far.

I appreciate and love my friends around the globe.

I learn from them.
I share with them.
I grow with them.

I felt inspired to write a poem to express how I feel. It’s my version of a virtual hug.

Friends Around the Way
Hello again my friend
We’ve only virtually met
But I can tell you’re someone
I’ll never forget


I see your name
And I smile
I think I’ll hang
For a while

I love my friends
Around the way
I know they’re here
To stay

It’s a special kind of closeness
And I know it’s very real
I appreciate you greatly
It’s just how I feel

So whether far away
Or near
I’ll always be
Right here

 I love my friends
Around the way
I know you’re here
To stay


Special shout out to my global crew as well as anyone who has developed social media relationships around the globe. Embrace those relationships despite the logistics.

Get your hugger skills locked and loaded for the day you run into each other at an event. Big smiles and good times.

I see you.

I appreciate you.

I love you.

High Five and Knuckles,
Jace Jacobs

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