Friends Around The Way

Are you a hugger? I love a great hug.  Yet, sometimes the logistics are challenging. In this social world, it’s fun to embrace those awesome relationships both near and far.

I appreciate and love my friends around the globe.

I learn from them.
I share with them.
I grow with them.

I felt inspired to write a poem to express how I feel. It’s my version of a virtual hug.

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A Poem to Celebrate You

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A poem to celebrate you… yep I wrote a poem. Take that fear and comfort zone!

I respect the Coaches, Dreamers, and Healers who are out serving others and making an impact in the world. It inspires me to share love, receive love, and be love.

Up against a deadline my heart guided me towards writing a poem. I felt inspired to show some love for the people who influence me. Wazzupp!

One ticket to Poemville below.

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