Be The Creator You Are Meant to Be

Recently, I filmed some large birds circling above me looking for their prey. It was a very Zen moment watching them hunt as they circled above. I felt their energy.

Next thing I know I began to sing a tune in my head which I later turned into a song.

Here is the chorus:

So I Tilt my head back
Looking up to see
Birds doing bird things
As they fly over me

Living that choice life
Staring up at the sky
Life goes on
As they fly on by

You may or may not realize you are a creator yourself.

Every day you create magic moments with your actions.

Are you slowing down to notice as they fly on by?

If not, here are a few strategies to help get you present being the creator you are meant to be.

1. Love Yourself
The key ingredient of being a happy creator is self-love. Not just a basic love. You must deeply love yourself to unlock massive creation skills.

2. Embrace Your Weird
You are different for sure. So is everyone else. Embrace what makes you different. Your weirdness is your secret ingredient as a creator.

3. Flow and let go.
Find your zone of awesome. Don’t force it as a creator. Just be where you love to be. Embrace your flow and let go. Now share it with the world. Be you and be awesome.

Cheers to living your choice life and having your unique experience as a creator.

High Five and Knuckles;

Jace Jacobs

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