Awaken the Awesome Within

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Another new book to read. A new look. Lots of new opportunities. You are meeting a few new friends as well.

Something is going on. You can feel it. The people around you sense something is different. You’ve changed. Some people don’t like it…but you do! You like the new you! You feel great!

I have some news for you. I’m here to tell you how I feel about it.

High five my Brother!

High five my Sister!

You got it. Keep at it.

You’re going through an awakening. You’re on a journey. Where it takes you is up to you.

Do you feel like a crab in a bucket? Is someone trying to bring you down? Hang in there. All journeys have challenges. It’s called the “Hero’s Journey.” Someday your experiences will make for a great story.

Here are three ways to keep moving forward into your awesomeness.

1. Get your groove on:
Imagine your favorite song playing as you walk down the street. It’s your theme song. You can use it as a trigger to get yourself into a different emotion.

You can also use a personal mantra to keep your thoughts in line. My mantra is: Funk It Up. I say this when I want to show up as a better version of myself.

2. Silence the negativity:
Family, friends and strangers are not responsible for your happiness. So when someone starts running their mouth, it’s just a bunch of negative noise.

You get to choose how you feel about it. You’re in control of your thoughts. Your thoughts run the show. Are you going to let someone else’s negativity affect your mood? I know you can do better.

3. Focus on Peace and Love:
Share some smiles. Serve others. Embrace your awesomeness. There will be some ups and downs. Don’t give energy to the drama.

Focus your energy on what you want instead of complaining about what you don’t want. Visualize a lifestyle of greatness. Believe you already have that lifestyle.

I like the new you. So, what are you going to do about it? Keep moving forward or circle back to what you are expected to be? The choice is always yours.



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11 thoughts on “Awaken the Awesome Within

  1. Some excellent suggestions here, Jace. And I love the image at the beginning — just gorgeous!

  2. You know you are making it happen when people get uncomfortable. Cue theme song! Solid piece – keep the eyes on the prize!

  3. It makes so much sense! Never thought of it from that perspective. Thoughts running the show.. I knew it wasn’t what I say … Hahahaa keepin Rockin iT! Walk This Waaaayy .. !